Geographic location

Terrain Units
From a physical-geographical point of view the parish is situated north of the Western Carpathians' western slope, at the northern extremity of the Plopiş (şes) Mountains, a ramification called Copper Mountains , in the heart of the Hills of Sălaj, covered with woods of oak, hornbeam and beach in a proportion of 5%. The mountain occupies only 25% of the parish's land area. The region is characterized by 250-300 m high hills, cut across by smooth valleys, which are washed by smaller tributaries of the Barc ău river, representing 70% of the area. These hills form the terraces of the river, made up of sedimentary rocks.
The location of the parish proves that strong erosions took place in these regions a long time ago, due to the influence of environmental factors. As a result, the highway passing through the parish is very sinuous.
We can find a number of gentle meadows in the valley of the Barc ău river, which are periodically flooded by the waters of the Barc ău.
The tallest point of the parish is a 671 m high peak called the Boiovski Foundry, situated on the border with the parish of ş inteu, Bihor county.
10% of the area is covered by woods.
The distance between the parish centre and the county town, Oradea City , is 76 km . The closest town in Bihor county is Marghita, situated 20 km apart from the parish centre. The closest town in the opposite direction is şimleul Silvaniei, Sălaj county, situated 20 km apart.